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2011-2013 WRX/STI Ducktail Wing

Subaru Impreza owners love their cars and want to stand out from the crowd. With BTI’s new ducktail wing, it allows owners to fulfill that need without replacing their stock trunk. The wing offers a sleek and appealing low profile ducktail that attaches to the stock wing bolting locations. It is a flowing design that gradually transforms the lines of the stock trunk into a duck tail, and for convenience—it comes with a provision to attach your stock Subaru emblem, so that it assimilates easily into the vehicle styling. This wing is a great compliment to the 2011-2013 Subaru Impreza.


fiberglass copy


Made of premium woven fabric and epoxy resin which has been vacuum infused to make a strong and resilient fiberglass composite wing. It comes primered and ready for paint.

premium carbon clean copy

Premium Carbon Fiber

The Premium Carbon Fiber line the premier product line offers a product that is made of 100% carbon fiber that is designed to be seen. This is where the technology meets art—with precise placement of fabric a beautiful carbon fiber part is made. After, the part is finished with clear epoxy finishing products and then painted with automotive clear coat. These products take extra work and usually need a lead time of 3 weeks, but the resulting finished part is a work of art that is ready to mounted to the vehicle.

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THE FABRIC: The fiberglass products that I make consists of top quality Hexel fabric—never chopped strand mat. The benefit of fiberglass fabric is that it will make a stronger part than a chopped strand mat product because fabric has continuous and woven strands versus the small, cut, non-woven fiberglass strands of chopped strand mat. BTI carbon fiber products are made of 100% top quality twill or V-weave fabric. Most parts sold as a carbon part in the automotive industry contain little carbon fiber, they usually consist of a carbon fiber detail (first layer) and then are backed up with 3-4 layers of fiberglass. Companies do this to save costs and maximize profits; however, a part which is mostly fiberglass is a fiberglass part with fiberglass properties—it may look carbon, but it has no carbon fiber properties. I do not believe in this practice because I think that it is incredibly dishonest and think it causes consumer confusion as to what carbon fiber really is. When I make a carbon fiber piece, it is carbon fiber from the first layer through to the last layer, there are no short cuts, no skimping on quality. When you buy a BTI fiberglass or carbon fiber part, you know that you are getting the best made composite part that you can buy.

THE CHEMICAL AGENT: I use only Epoxy resin. It creates a stronger, more resilient part than comparable parts made with vinylester or polyester resin. Parts made with polyester/vinylester resin break instead of bend, and they crack if they are hit with any rocks or debris. An epoxy part will stay together and resist this damage, which is expected on the road or on the track. To build the best composite part, you must use epoxy and that is what I specialize in.

THE PROCESS: I specialize in vacuum infusion. Infusion is a process where the resin is sucked through the fabric creating a part that is extremely compact with little to no air voids. The compaction of the fabric combines all of the fabric layers together in the curing process, transforming it into one solid composite layer. This is superior to a wet-laid composite part, which is where resin is bushed onto the fabric and the part is left to cure without vacuum. In a wet-laid part there is no compaction of the fabric and there are many air voids in the fabric stack. Wet-laid products also have excess resin which makes the part heavier and more brittle. In infusion only the exact amount of resin needed to complete the part is used. There is no excess of resin, so the part is substantially lighter than a wet-laid part.

THE FINISH: A beautiful carbon part starts with the plug (original shape that is made before the molding), and the mold. I devoted lots of time in in perfecting the plug and mold to ensure that it is as smooth and exact as possible. This extra work makes a final part that will require little to no bodywork before paint. For all Premium Carbon Fiber parts (parts that are in the premium carbon line that are designed to be left in a clear carbon finish) these parts are finished in automotive clear coat. Clear coating carbon fiber assures that the finish will remain the same year after year. These parts will never fade or turn yellow. This is an extra step that I take because all carbon parts that are sold in the industry are not coated or protected from UV rays. In time, if they are left unprotected, they will fade and turn yellow. Only clear coating will protect them in the long run.

WHY BTI: BTI is a company that is striving for perfection. When you buy a BTI part you know that you are buying a superior made composite part that was designed to be the best. The product that you receive will have been made with passion and pride from start to finish, and is the best investment for your money.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.22.58 PM

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