This car is build to be fast. No only does this car look fast, but it was actually meant to be fast! The RS-LM chassis that I developed was designed to fit the largest and fastest motors that you can stick in an RC car. I am running the car with a 13.5T motor, a much faster motor than the 21.5T motor in my F1 car. It has a long wheel base (320mm wheel base) for stability, all wheel drive with the capability to run two differentials or a one way gear in the front. The RS-LM’s extra room also makes it so that it can fit standard size lipo batteries (148mm long). The car’s 3d printed rims use F1 front tires, but the car can also fit touring car rims and tires. This car is low! The RS-LM fits all of these features into an extremely low profile package—the highest point of the car is 56mm, all to keep the weight down low for better cornering and speed, and to allow for an extremely realistic LMP1 body.


Chassis: RS-LM
Lemans RC chassis.
Long wheel base 320mm
Belt driven drivetrain
All wheel drive
two differentials
Larger battery capacity
Built for speed—high powered motors
Adjustable ride height
Adjustable camber
F1 front tires
Low— fit all the mechanics of a touring car body into 38mm tall.