A tribute to Ayrton Senna, 22 years since he died May 1st, 1994.

New RS-01 car coming out on June 17th






This car honors arguably the greatest Formula One driver ever, three-time world champion Ayrton Senna, and his iconic 1993 McLaren MP-4/8 which he drove under both the McLaren/Marlboro red and white livery. If you have never heard of Ayrton Senna I highly recommend watching the documentary Senna (also check out the movie Amy by the same director)–it’s an amazing story of an amazing man who inspired the nation of Brazil and the world with his amazing driving. You can also watch this quick clip that Top Gear did a few years ago about Senna.
I always loved this car. This is the first unique car to emerge from the RS-01 chassis family and the first to be released… Being that it’s Senna’s car, I’m sure it will be outstanding in the rain, and do unworldly pole qualifying laps. 🙂

RS-01 chassis information can be found here:

This new car is an evolution of the RS-01 chassis with a highly detailed body that is very accurate to the original car, updated RS-01 suspension parts, u rims, and tires that can all be 3D printed. The chassis uses the running gear (carbon fiber rear shaft, differential, front uprights, motor mounts, carbon reinforced links) from a Tamiya F104-ver. 2 Pro F1 RC race car—parts that are readily available, and can use either foam tires, 3D printed tires, or rubber tires on either 3D printed rims or with the original F104 plastic rims.

I loved making this car; I hope that you enjoy printing and building it just as much.

-Brett Turnage

Manual and Parts List included:

Special Parts:


Helmet (if using body):

Rainlight: 5mm Flash LED light – Red (F1 Tail Light)

Tires: F104 rubber tires (F&R)

F104 wheels and tires— multiple choices and rubber compounds