These are the five different trim options that BTI makes products in. Each products has its own benefits and different properties. These different choices allow you to choose the part that fits your needs and your budget.

fiberglass copy


Made of premium woven fabric and epoxy resin which has been vacuum infused to make a strong and resilient fiberglass composite hood. It comes primered and ready for paint.

fiberglass panel copy

Fiberglass Sandwich Panel

Made of premium woven fabric, a core material, and epoxy resin which has been vacuum infused to make a strong and resilient fiberglass composite sandwich panel diffuser. It comes painted flat black.

primered carbon copy

Primered Carbon Fiber

Made of 100% premium twill carbon fiber and epoxy resin which has been vacuum infused to make a lightweight, strong, and resilient carbon fiber composite hood which is ready for paint.

lightweight carbon

Extreme Lightweight Carbon Fiber

The Extreme Lightweight Carbon Fiber line is offered on only certain products where a part can be made to be as lightest that it can possibly be. This product is still 100% carbon fiber, but through a developed technique it uses less carbon fabric than the regular carbon fiber products, yet will still have similar strength properties. This line is for customers who need the lightest possible part available. It comes primered and ready for paint.

premium carbon clean copy

Premium Carbon Fiber

The Premium Carbon Fiber line the premier product line offers a product that is made of 100% carbon fiber that is designed to be seen. This is where the technology meets art—with precise placement of fabric a beautiful carbon fiber part is made. After, the part is finished with clear epoxy finishing products and then painted with automotive clear coat. These products take extra work and usually need a lead time of 3 weeks, but the resulting finished part is a work of art that is ready to mounted to the vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Different Trim options

  1. Hi Brett

    I read your article on Pinshape reviewing four of the latest 3 D printer boards.
    I read with interest ref. the Arduino Due & RADDS 1.5 configuration.
    I have a RepRap Geeetech Mendel machine with a Sanguinololu board. Can I simply swap this board with the Arduino + RADDS boards, sync the firmware and it’ll work?




    1. You can put any board in your machine. So all of the boards that I featured as well as other boards can control your printer. You will need to change your parameters importing your old settings (endstops, z-max or min, and direction of motors and endstops) to the new boards configuration, but then you will be up and printing. I was told that this place has the RADDS and Makerfarm in the US is about to have them back in stock.



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